Blasphemophagher ‎– The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos

 Artista: Blasphemophagher
Álbum: The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos
Edición: EEUU 2011
Estado : Portada y disco con pocos detalles estéticos (VG++)
Sello: Nuclear War Now! Productions ‎– ANTI-GOTH 199
Precio: 18.000


Side Evocation
A1 Chaostorm Of Atomization
A2 Abominable Nuclear Penetration
A3 Ritual Of Disintegration
A4 Entering The Expanding Plasma
A5 Command Of Pandemonic Forces

Side Devastation
B1 Genesis Of The Antiworld
B2 Lords Of Death Continuum
B3 Beyond Absolute Chaos
B4 The Primordial Desolation
B5 Cult Of Nuclear Hell
B6 Nuclear Holocaust