Ludvig Forssell ‎– Death Stranding (Original Score)


Artista: Ludvig Forssell

Álbum: Death Stranding (Original Score)

Edición: EEUU 2020 - 3 x LP - Gatefold 4  Paneles - 180 gramos 

Estado : Nuevo sellado  

Sello: Mondo  ‎– MOND-177, Sony Classical ‎– MOND-177


Precio: 47.000


A1 –Ludvig Forssell Once, There Was An Explosion 3:07

A2 –Ludvig Forssell Alone We Have No Future 3:45

A3 –Ludvig Forssell Bridges 3:28

A4 –Ludvig Forssell Soulless Meat Puppet 1:37

A5 –Ludvig Forssell Beached Things 3:26

A6 –Ludvig Forssell Chiral Carcass Culling 2:23

B1 –Ludvig Forssell The Face Of Our New Hope 3:25

B2 –Ludvig Forssell John 2:50

B3 –Ludvig Forssell An Endless Beach 5:14

B4 –Ludvig Forssell Heartman 2:07

B5 –Ludvig Forssell The Severed Bond 4:04

C1 –Ludvig Forssell Claws Of The Dead 5:14

C2 –Ludvig Forssell Fragile 3:34

C3 –Ludvig Forssell Stick Vs Rope 4:02

C4 –Ludvig Forssell A Final Waltz 5:25

D1 –Ludvig Forssell Strands 8:41

D2 –Ludvig Forssell Lou 3:08

D3 –Ludvig Forssell BB's Theme 5:16

E1 –Ludvig Forssell Flower Of Fingers 5:56

E2 –Joel Corelitz Cargo High 2:52

E3 –Joel Corelitz Demens 3:22

E4 –Ludvig Forssell Decentralized By Nature 2:06

E5 –Ludvig Forssell Mules 2:05

E6 –Ludvig Forssell Porter Syndrome 1:21

F1 –Ludvig Forssell Chiralium 4:09

F2 –Ludvig Forssell Spatial Awareness 3:30

F3 –Ludvig Forssell Stepping Stones 3:15

F4 –Ludvig Forssell Frozen Space 3:47

F5 –Ludvig Forssell The Timefall 2:50