Power From Hell – Lust And Violence


Artista: Power From Hell

Álbum: Lust And Violence

Edición: Alemania 2019

Estado : Nuevo no Sellado - incluye poster 

Sello: Dying Victims Productions – DVP 118


Precio: 18.000


Side Lust

A1 Black Angel

A2 The Old Masters (Death Metal)

A3 29 Fuck

A4 Power From Hell (Disturbing The Priest)

A5 Confessions Of Whore

A6 Satan’s Bride

A7 Headbanger... The Ripper

Side Violence

B1 Lust In My Soul

B2 The True Metal

B3 The Metal Is Sick But Never Dies

B4 Ser Diabólico

B5 Slut

B6 Me And The Devil Blues

B7 Fornication Above The Stars