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Devendra Banhart – Oh Me Oh My...

Artista: Devendra Banhart

Álbum: Oh Me Oh My... The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit

Edición: EEUU 2003 - Gatefold 

Estado :  Portada, insert y disco en excelente estado, pocos detalles estéticos (VG++)

Sello: Mod Lang Records – ML 011, Young God Records – ML 011


Precio: 35.000


A1 Ticks Eats The Olives... 0:39

A2 Roots... 1:33

A3 The Charles C. Leary 2:46

A4 Nice People... 3:15

A5 Animals... 1:25

A6 Cosmos And Demos 3:32

A7 Michigan State 3:47

A8 Lend Me Your Teeth 1:55

A9 Hey Miss Cane 3:19

A10 Soon Is Good 4:03

B11 Tell Me Something 1:09

B12 The Red Lagoon 1:13

B13 A Gentle Soul 1:59

B14 Happy Happy Oh 1:26

B15 Pumpkin Seeds 4:30

B16 The Thumbs... 2:04

B17 Legless Love... 2:08

B18 Marigold 1:54

B19 Make It Easier 0:55

B20 Ones 2:21

B21 Little Monkey 1:48

B22 The Spirit Is Near 1:28