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Varios – Striving Higher (A Hardcore Compilation)

Artista: Varios 

Álbum: Striving Higher (A Hardcore Compilation)

Edición: EEUU 20211

Estado :  Portada y disco en excelente estado, buen sonido (VG+)

Sello: Six Feet Under Records – SFU050


Precio: 20.000


A1 Foundation – No One Writes Protest Songs Anymore

A2 The Rival Mob– My Culture

A3 Inside – The World As It Is

A4 Disengage – Think For Yourself

A5 Battle Ruins– Cold Iron Death

A6 The Mongoloids– Unnecessarily Necessary

A7 Blacklisted – Those Shields Around You

A8 Dead Stop– Hate To Say

B1 Rhythm To The Madness– Challenging The Heavens (Part I And II)

B2 Blkout– Idle Hands

B3 Stick Together– End It

B4 Tremors – Creekside

B5 Nails– Black Cloud

B6 Bracewar– The Race

B7 As We Let Go– Life In The Crack

B8 War Hungry– Broken On The Wheel