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The Worst – The Worst Of The Worst

 Artista: The Worst

Álbum: The Worst Of The Worst

Edición: EEUU 2021

Estado :  Nuevo Sellado 

Sello: Radio Raheem – RADIO-025


Precio: 27.000


S/T 7"

A1 Time Zone

A2 High Velocity

A3 Futur

A4 Frustration

A5 Don't Be Afraid

Expect The Worst 12"

A6 We Are Those

A7 Emergency Room

A8 I Don't Know

A9 Going To New York

A10 Go To Hell

A11 Face

A12 City Of Sin

A13 Loud And Fast

A14 I Wanna Stop

Live At Max's Kansas City March 13, 1979

B1 You Make No Sense

B2 Steppin' Stone

B3 My Love Is Contraband

B4 Don't Know Me

B5 Your Mind

B6 I Hate You Can't You See

B7 Destroy

B8 No Shit