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Dropdead – Demos 1991

Artista: Dropdead 

Álbum: Demos 1991

Edición: EEUU 2021 

Estado : Nuevo Sellado

Sello: Armageddon Label – ARMAGEDDON 028


Precio: 25.000


A1 Intro

A2 Unjustified Murder

A3 At The Cost Of An Animal

A4 Doorway To Extinction

A5 Direct Action

A6 Wound Runs Deep

A7 Power

A8 Ignorant

A9 The Circle Complete

A10 Attention

A11 Confused

A12 Easy Way Out

A13 Follow Blindly

A14 Protest

A15 Chosen Path

A16 In The Name

A17 War System

A18 Is This Life?

B1 Do You Choose Life

B2 Fucking Assholes

B3 Strength In Your Conviction

B4 Deliver Yourself

B5 Legacy Of Death

B6 Only A Fool

B7 Survival

B8 Untitled

B9 Pliers

B10 Black Diamond Outro