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Varios – Passed Normal (Vol 1)

Artista: Varios

Álbum: Passed Normal (Vol 1)

Edición: EEUU 1987 

Estado : Portada con ligero desgaste en general, disco con pocas marcas de uso, buen sonido 

Sello: FOT Records – #1


Precio: 20.000


Right Side

A1.a Ronbo

A1.b Killing Time

A1.c New Orleans Stomp

A1.d Bored Again

A1.e Man Or Monkey

A1.f Batium*

A2 Voodoo Mark– Coffee

A3 Tricycle Thieves– Careful With That Axe Eugene Pt.2

A4.a I Keep The KKK In Line

A4.b Cops Vs. Guardian Angels

A4.c Shockabilly Weekend

A5 Jack Wright - Chris Cochrane - Paul Hoskin– Live At Lynx (Crunchy)

A6 The Sediments– Capitalism, Inc.

Left Side

B1 Jeff Michel– Chimes

B2.a Save Me From Dali

B2.b 8 1/4

B3.a Ponk Family Picnic

B3.b Bozo's Wife

B4 That Hope– Disfigured Statue

B5 Kixx– Untitled (Live In Hamburg)

B6 Spill Drink– How To Pick Up Girls

B7 Pink Bob, Brian Keys– Our National Anthem